Feature Walls

Venetian plastering feature wall

The style and design of a home should reflect the personalities of the inhabitants. People have different tastes and preferences and are free to express their ideas in their private of their own homes. Therefore, when building a home, it is essential to ensure that the interior and exterior environment corresponds with your artistic expressions. After you’ve nearly finished building or renovating a house its vital to plaster or repair the walls of the rooms. Particular rooms should look lively and welcoming, for example, the living room, bedroom, or personal office. The walls of these spaces should look artistic and unique. These artistic and unique walls are called feature walls or accent walls. The colour and design of these particular walls are distinctive from other walls.

Many people choose to have bedrooms with feature walls. This is because a bedroom with such a wall is a good place for the couple to express their love and romance. The particular wall can include romantic art and design that reminds a couple of their companionship. This environment also makes the bedroom look classy and elegant. Hence, it is fundamental to select good plastering material for the walls of your bedroom.

There are various ways of plastering the walls and ceiling of a house — for example, lime plastering, cement plastering, gypsum plastering, Venetian plastering e.t.c. Venetian plaster is a mixture of marble dust, plaster, and in some instances, natural lime. It is applied on the walls or ceiling of a room in multiple thin layers. These different layers are then polished to create a flawless surface creating an impression of depth and appearance. Venetian plaster is used on walls where it would be costly to use marble rocks for the finish, or on walls where installing marble would be quite tricky.

The effect that Venetian plaster creates would be good for bedrooms with feature walls. There is a wide range of styles and designs that Venetian plastering can create. For example, the main techniques are Scagliola, Marmorino, Stucco, Sgraffito and many more. These techniques are specially done using different methods to create a unique finish. Venetian plaster is vital when used in your walls. It will make your wall very unique.

Why Venetian plaster is ideal

Easy Maintenance

Feature walls that have been finished using Venetian plaster are quite easy to maintain. Since Venetian plaster is mixed with several substances, it is durable and can last for long without the need for constant painting. The plaster is also specially made to dry easily and quickly, thus making it easier to clean. Even though the cost of Venetian plastering might be expensive, there is no additional cost for maintenance; therefore, it is preferable.

Environmental Friendly

Since Venetian plaster is made of natural substances, it is not harmful to the environment. It is also suitable for people and does not cause any side effects. The natural lime in Venetian plaster ensures that no mould or fungi can grow or survive on the wall. Venetian plastering also provides that the quality of the air is clean and fresh. Hence, it is recommended to use Venetian plaster to create bedrooms with feature walls because it will be both beautiful and safe for the inhabitants.

Flexible Plaster

It is easy to apply Venetian plaster on any surface, either new or old. Existing walls can be easily changed into unique, modern, and exquisite walls. Besides, Venetian walls can be used to refurbish worn out walls made of either wood, stone or clay. Therefore, Venetian plaster is convenient to use on any kind of wall thus versatile to use for the finish.

Durable Plaster

Feature walls built using Venetian plaster have an excellent feature of rock-hardness. This ensures that it is quite durable and can last for a long time. Also, this quality makes Venetian plaster resistant to dampness and contraction. It can also resist cracks, and will not chip off from the corners. Furthermore, in case there is need of repair, it will only be on a small section of the wall.

It is essential to have a personal space where you can go and feel comfortable and proud of yourself. Bedrooms with feature walls are such personalized spaces for couples to go and have a precious time. These feature walls should be formed with unique and durable material. Venetian plaster is a quality material that makes the wall look stylish, elegant and unique.