Ceiling and acoustic panels

Ceiling tiles and acoustic panels

Some modern building standards do not provide the necessary silence one requires. The minimum sound insulation that builders can offer may not be enough for apartments and offices. Most often, even the proper arrangement of furniture might not be able to make a decent soundproof atmosphere in the room. But this is not a big problem. In the world market, many materials can solve this problem.

Nowadays, creating an excellent acoustic environment does not cause any problems. Almost all people who want to make their home as comfortable as possible should use acoustic panels. Their main task is the absorption of excessive sound pressure and unwanted noise in the room. The use of sound-absorbing materials will help you get rid of extraneous noise that occurs outdoors, and you will also forget about annoying conversations of neighbours. You will not even hear the flipping of a newspaper outside the wall.

With the insulation of acoustic panels, a comfortable sound environment is created. Their use allows you to solve the problem of vibration, reduce the level of sound reflection, and also reduce traffic noise from outside.

Acoustic panels are insulated with sound-absorbing materials that interfere with the reflection of sound and improve the sound quality, creating a comfortable acoustic environment. These panels are durable cladding made of sound-absorbing materials. They are available in different sizes and shapes. Some types require additional processing (painting, applying finishing material), while others are made with a finished decorative coating.

Decorative acoustic panels have a front surface that does not require additional decoration, but if desired, can be painted or draped depending on the style of the interior. This approach significantly reduces the cost of installation and eliminates the preliminary preparation of the bases.

Acoustic panels are designed for indoor use and have distinct characteristics like they hide wall defects, environmentally friendly, they possess not only suitable acoustic parameters and sound insulation, but also thermal insulation properties and resistance to moisture.

Distinct features of Acoustic Panels

These panels not only have an attractive appearance but also have their unique abilities that will help to achieve the maximum effect from their application.

Sound absorption

They absorb sound effectively and you won’t hear any sound outside the room.

Light reflection

This is worth paying attention to when choosing acoustic ceiling panels. The average reflectance value is very high.

Moisture resistant

They can withstand moisture accumulation. This is because sound-absorbing acoustic materials have a porous structure, and the coefficient of moisture resistance is large.

Thermal conductivity

Acoustic panels for walls not only absorb sound well, but they also retain a large percentage of heat in the room. This is achieved due to its porous structure.

As you can see, this type of sound-absorbing elements will help not only to get rid of the noise you don’t need, but also to some extent, will help to keep warm in your house, and therefore comfort.

Acoustic panels for ceiling are made in various design solutions. Due to the current market trends, the panels offered are not only with an increased level of sound insulation but also with visually beautiful shapes. For acoustic wall panels in some cases (public places), the anti-vandal nature is also essential.

The industry of manufacturing sound-absorbing panels does not standstill. There is a massive struggle for superiority in the world market. Therefore, each organization makes its product not only high quality but also as attractive as possible. Panels that do not require any further treatments have become increasingly popular.

Reasons why acoustic panels are the best for home insulation

Environmental friendliness

They are made using environmentally friendly materials that do not emit odours and harmful substances.


They can be used in absolutely any type of premises, from the public to residential. There are even types of acoustic panels that are used to equip production halls.


Modern panels vary in shape and appearance. There are many designs that can suit you. Most plates have diverse geometric shapes. Thanks to this, you can make an original design of the room.

Acoustic panels are a unique type of finishing material, which not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the room but also increases its soundproofing qualities, making it comfortable to stay. They do not need any special care. They have a long service life of the panels.