Ceiling roses

Ceiling rose

Considering a ceiling rose to put some old world charm or pizzazz to your next project? Well here are some great tips and history on ceiling roses before you start:

Ceilings are significant components of an astute commanding building. Though ceiling installation is one of the final steps of constructing a new home, it is essential for practical reasons as much as it is for decorative reasons. Ceilings should be professionally installed and fitted to ensure the inhabitants of the building are safe. Equally crucial to a safely fitted plaster ceiling is the correct installation of a ceiling rose.

Also called ceiling medallions or rosettes, historically their initial primary function was to hold and hide the electrical wiring used for lighting the room but have now evolved into unique decorative features to shape the desired feel of a home. There are many different designs of ceiling medallions whereby some are simple, while others are quite complicated and intricate.

Types of ceiling roses

There are several types of ceiling rosettes to choose from. For example, there are plain, ornate, huge, and flat styles of ceiling medallions. Since there are many types of ceiling roses, the particular type and design installed is according to the owners’ preferences. A good ceiling medallion is one that corresponds with the decorative style of the room. For example, if the decorative style of the room is Edwardian or Victorian, then the ceiling rose art decor should complement the room decor.

Materials used to make ceiling roses

The ceiling medallions are made from different materials. For example, brass, chrome, plaster, polymer-based substances, and tin are some of the common materials. It is essential to choose a durable and lightweight material for your ceiling medallion. If the material used is too heavy, it may pose risks to the inhabitants. Compared to polymer-based substances, ceiling rose plaster is not very flexible to be moulded. Besides, plaster is quite delicate, and it easily cracks and crumbles with time.

Furthermore, ceiling roses made of polymer substances are easy to paint and install. Though, some constructors prefer ceiling rose plaster because they tend to view polymer as quite spurious. However, this is a matter of preference where the clients’ choice and taste comes first.

What to consider while choosing a ceiling rose

There are several fundamental aspects to be considered while choosing a ceiling rose for your rooms.

Height of the ceiling

While calculating the size of the ceiling rose, the particular height of the ceiling is a significant aspect to consider. The size of the ceiling medallion should complement the height of the ceiling. It would not be attractive to have a large ceiling rosette on a high ceiling and vice versa.

Texture and design of the room décor

While trying to decide the style of your ceiling rose art decor, it is essential to ensure that it corresponds with the rooms’ texture. For example, an artistically sophisticated ceiling medallion would not complement a room that has a conservative decoration and vice versa. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the texture and design of the ceiling rose to complement the particular rooms’ decor.

Size of the room

Furthermore, it is vital to ensure that the particular ceiling medallion used corresponds with the size of the room. For example, if the room is large, then a big ceiling medallion should be installed and contrariwise. This will ensure that the ceiling does not look strange. Besides, for large conference rooms/halls, it is recommended to hang a large and beautiful chandelier that will complement the type of ceiling used. Therefore, the ceiling medallion should not be too big or too small but should fit perfectly.


This is quite a significant consideration that determines what type of ceiling rosette you install in your house. The different types of ceiling medallions have different price tags. For example, large and sophisticated medallions are more expensive than small and simple ones. The particular material used and art displayed on the ceiling medallion also determines the cost. Hence, it is vital to ensure that you select wisely according to your available finances.

Why Ceiling Roses Are Ideal

The primary reason why ceiling roses are installed in a room is to try and conceal the electric wires that bring light to the room. Also, ceiling medallions are used to cover the ventilation holes of a ceiling. However, in modern times, they are mainly used for aesthetic and acoustic purposes. They are used to complement the decoration used in a particular room. Furthermore, these ceiling rosettes are used to make the lighting fixtures of a room look stylish and amazing.

Therefore, it would be good to select a unique and artistic ceiling rose that will match your prerequisites.